When it comes to Healthcare providers and professionals, ThinkITAI offers technical services that can safeguard your ePHI, keep your business HIPPA compliant, and give you the piece of mind you need to stay focus on your practice.

– Tech Services:

  • Antivirus & Anit-Malware
  • Technical Project Management
    • Manage backups and security for computers and networks
    • 24/7 Proactive computer and network monitoring
    • New Installs
    • Hardware upgrades
    • Staff Training
  • Microsoft Windows and 3rd Party Patching
  • On-site checkups per month (non-sales)
  • Remote help desk
    • Response Times:
      • Critical Calls: 2-4hrs (On Site if Needed)
      • Non-Critical Calls: 8hrs/5days

HIPPA Security:

–  Our HIPPA IT compliance will ensure that all provisions of the HIPPA Security Rule are followed and that all details are covered on your HIPPA compliance checklist are covered. All systems that are used to transmit, receive, store, or alter electronic protected health information must incorporate appropriate security protections to ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of electronic protected health information (ePHI). Considering that emails containing a patient’s medical record should be archived securely and encrypted for safety of sensitive information. ThinkITAI will ensure that your business is compliant with HIPPA and protected from any external wrongdoing or any breaches. 

  • Security
    • Cameras
    • Locks
    • Key cards
    • Badges

– Additional Healthcare professional services:

  • Marketing
    • Web Design
    • Review Management
    • Google Search Optimization