Cyber criminals only have to be right once.

Tampa-St. Petersburg area was ranked the 10th most vulnerable metro area in the country for cybersecurity threats. Three other Florida counties ranked in the top 10. Cyber attacks are on our doorstep and in our computers.

Malware is a general term that gets used to refer to any kind of malicious software or program. The goal of a malware is to infect your devices by using computer viruses, worms, Trojan horses, spyware, adware and whatnot.

Malware is constantly evolving to be more sophisticated, evasive, and to find gaps in any security. Now malware is even weaponizing cloud services and other legitimate technology for evil purposes.

Company networks are getting more spread out between HQ, branch offices, and coffee shops around the world. To be safe, malware has to be stopped before it ever reaches your company.

We can stop malware in the internet before they hit your company or devices.

If every malware infection hits your company, that means you have to defend against every malware. We stop malware in the internet before it hits your network.

Multiple offices means multiple cybersecurity threats

As your network widens (HQ, branch, roaming users.. your visibility and ability to protect against cybersecurity threats drops.

Employees with laptops are another challenge

We help you stay protected with or without the VPN on.
  • 82% of workers admit to NOT using the VPN on their company laptop.
  • Employees use their work laptops for personal browsing and turn VPN off.
  • Employees no longer need to turn on VPN in order to work in cloud apps. Salesforce, Office 365, Dropbox, Gmail, etc.

Our cybersecurity solution protects against 7 million malware threats a day

DNS is used by every device in your company. Your cybersecurity solution needs to be based on DNS.

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