ITaaS, so what?

We do IT for you as a service.

Your customer’s needs are constantly changing. If your technology is not constantly changing, most likely you are not keeping up with your customer’s needs or your tech savvy competitors.

ITaaS is a way for you to get what the latest and greatest technology has to offer without having to be a subject matter expert in IT, dedicate the time to learn about IT, or take the time to implement IT.

Customized technology strategy aligned with your business strategy

How we are different.

We will ask you a lot of questions about your business to know your business. For example, if your existing technology service provider has never asked what are your 1-year or 3-year business goals, that service provider’s technology and actions are not aligned with your business’ goals. How can they be, they don’t know where you want to go? That is concerning if you consider technology is needed in almost every department or process across your business.

Five key components of your business are your vision, people, data, issues, and process. We analyze these components and customize a technology strategy to be aligned with your business’ strategy.

Less Downtime = More Time to Be Profitable

Your technology and systems have to be up and running for you to do business. We take a proactive approach when it comes to your technology because neither of us are being profitable when your business is down from technical problems.

We can also help systematize your business with the right technology, tools, and business processes across your team. This way you are not negatively impacted when your or key employees are on vacation or out of pocket for other reasons.